Wheelchair Donation – Jaymer Tapang

This morning, July 20, the RSL delivered another wheelchair to a needy young boy. Jaymer Tapang lives in Brgy. Amsic. He is 9 years old. While still an infant, only months old, he contracted polio and became mentally disabled and unable to walk.

One of the saddest observations about Jaymer were his knees. They were all calloused and cut because heretofore he has had to crawl throughout the house and street. His broad smile, when he was given the wheelchair, made everyone applaud with glee.

Jaymer’s single mother, Judith, his 3 older brothers, and Brgy. Captain, Gerom Costales, send their blessings to all RSL workers and supporters for changing this family’s life!

Greg Mann
RSL – Vice President

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