• Hearing Aids

    Jasmine Reville and her mother

    Thursday afternoon (Oct.4) I took 6 year old, Jasmine Reville and her mother to the Henson Ear Clinic for a hearing aid fitting. Jasmine has never heard before. The 1 hour appointment resulted in Jasmine getting 2 hearing aids.

    The story of that hour is a gratifying experience I will never forget! Jasmine sat quietly while being fitted and tested. When the ear piece and controls were finally in place, the technician turned them on. At first Jasmine looked frightened and bewildered. She looked around the room for the source of some music playing. Then her mother spoke to her and said “Jasmine, I love you.” The little girl looked at her mom and broke into a huge smile and ran over to Mom and hugged her. Everyone was smiling, with teary eyes.

    I received a follow-up text from her mom yesterday and she said Jasmine is wearing the hearing aids every day. (She is only to wear them in the house the first week).. Mom said she was listening to music, dancing and starting to speak a little.

    The hearing aids were graciously furnished by our new member, Dennis Barron, who brought a number of them from Australia. The RSL sponsored the fitting appointment which cost only 1,500 pesos and includes monthly adjustments at no charge.

    All RSL members should feel proud that we can help in this and so many other ways. Please let me know of any other potential candidates for these hearing aids. It makes such a difference!

    Greg Mann
    Vice President