Medical Missions

The members of the Angeles City Philippines Sub Branch of the Returned & Services League of Australia (the RSL) have adopted as a new and additional object of their Charity Fund, Barangay Medical Missions and the first of such missions took place in Barangay Balibago last Saturday September 6th.

Under the direction of Barangay Captain Tony Mamac, and coordinated by Noel Roach and Vic Meller, Joint Chairman of the RSL Sub Committee for the Medical Missions, in excess of 8000 children have been provided with medicines, vitamins and other supplements purchased and dispensed by members of the RSL Sub Branch.

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Local doctors from the Philippines Air Force and stationed at Clark Air Base in Angeles City and a doctor member of the Philippines National Police attended at one of the severely poor and underprivileged barrios in Balibago and physically examined each child presented. A written prescription for each child was then passed on to the RSL tent pharmacy and the members of the RSL dispensed the medicines and vitamins in accordance with the prescription. Each child was registered and careful records have been kept and retained by the RSL and the Barangay.

Barangay officers are now present and keep order and control over the huge crowd of parents and carers who attend, desperate and unable otherwise to obtain the benefit of this mission for their children.

We are now well under way to conduct 30 such missions planned by the RSL Sub Branch and to take place in each of the Barangays of Angeles City, with the cooperation of and assistance of the Mayor of Angeles City.

The Charity Fund of the RSL Sub Branch, which purchased the medicines and vitamins, is supported and maintained from the annual Australia Day Fiesta conducted by the RSL in Balibago Angeles City in January each year, a weekly Saturday night “chook” raffle (without chooks) held at International Sports and Gaming Pub, Balibago, and other activities. Other charities of the Sub Branch include support for Operation Smiles (free cleft palate and hare lip operations for children), a local orphanage and a local community health service.

Watch the video below to see the RSL Medical Mission along with the local barangay officials with Tony Mamac and the Australian nurses from Nursing School of South Australia.

Australian Nurses from Nursing School of South Australia joined our Medical Mission:

Australian Nurses