• The badge is a symbol of a readiness at all times to render service to Crown and country, and to former comrades. It is a time-honoured emblem – one that has been worn with a deep sense of pride by the most revered in our land and one that glorifies all privileged to wear it.Neither wealth, nor influence, nor social standing can purchase the badge, which may be worn in honour only by those who have rendered service in the armed forces of the Crown or its allies.

    We would ask that you look upon your badge as an inspiration to good citizenship, cherishing it as a symbol of all that is best in our national life and living up to the high ideals on which the organisation is based.

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    The badge has evolved as the League has evolved.

    • 1915 to 1919, badges were state based Returned Soldiers Associations, in 1916 a national Returned Soldiers Association badge appeared and gradually replaced the state badges.

    • By 1919 the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League badge had evolved, after a reduction in size in 1922 it remained in use until 1941.

    • From 1941 until 1966 the Returned Sailors Soldiers and Airmans Imperial League badge was used until a change of name in 1966 when the Returned Services League badge was introduced; with a change of crown in 1971, the badge remained in use until 1990.

    • In 1990, the present Returned & Services League badge was introduced.

    • The Women’s Auxiliary badge has remained structurally unchanged since its inception in 1922, reflecting only the change of initials of the League.

    • The changes to name and badge since 1916 reflect the nature of the League and its ability to adapt to reflect stabilised changes about it.

    In 1923, the 8th National Congress of the League, adopted the Motto "The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance". The motto and its significance is clearly reflected in League policies on National Defence and support for the Australian Defence Force.

    Global View of badge and further information concerning league
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